Wednesday, June 11, 2008

All quiet on the western renovation front


As implied by today's title, no workers showed up, and hence, nothing happened renovations-wise. According to our sources, the masger is still recuperating from yesterday's dental procedure.

(In the extremely unlikely event that the masger:
  • speaks English, and
  • reads this blog

we would like to take this opportunity to wish him a "hachlamah mehairah".)

Anyway, even though we have nothing to report, we hate to disappoint our numerous fans, and therefore, we opted to post - albeit in a slightly different format.
Now, don't get nervous. The kablan insists that the masger will show up tomorrow I"YH, and then we can go back to posting as usual. In the meantime, however, we're turning the tables and giving you, our loyal readers, a chance to express yourselves.
Here's how it works:
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  1. A trip to the "City in Growing Process" (sic)
    Post #44 - In which we give a lame excuse for not posting
    Don't look now but there's some wood on our house

  2. URU -
    Thanks for posting.

    I gather you decided that your so-called "anonymity" was getting kind of old?



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