Friday, June 20, 2008

Mizbach HaK’toret

The kablan called this morning. He’s back from his trip. (Yes, apparently he did have a nice time. Thanks for asking. smile_regular)

Anyway, he said he’ll be coming Sunday morning I”YH to paint.

Meanwhile, everyone has been busy emptying AMG and ASG’s rooms and bringing stuff up to the attic. Perhaps we’ll be able to get some pictures on Motza”Sh once the rooms are all cleared out – as we did here.

In the meantime, we do have other pictures for you.

Since this is a blog about construction, the Our Shiputzim editorial board voted unanimously in favor of displaying the following pictures of ESG’s Chumash project.

Each boy had to make a model of one of the keilim of the Mishkan. As you may have gathered from the title, ESG chose to do the mizbach hak’toret. (Special thanks to YZG and AMG for their considerable technical assistance.)

And so, without further ado, we present…

Mizbei'ach view #1:


Mizbei'ach view #2:


Mizbei'ach view #3:


And, finally, mizbei'ach view #4:


Shabbat Shalom from the entire Our Shiputzim staff.

See you next week I”YH – same Our Shiputzim time, same Our Shiputzim channel blog.


  1. very nice. what is it made of?
    part of it seems to be paper part something else.

    How long did it take him to make it?

  2. The main part is a cardboard box - cut down to size and then covered with gold poster board. The "karnot" are styrofoam covered with gold poster board. The "badim" are cardboard tubes (covered with gold poster board). The loops are just plain gold poster board, attached with glue and thumbtacks. And finally, the "zer" is gold corrugated cardboard, which came from the invitation to MAG's graduation.

    It took a few hours to make.

  3. It's very nice. I was going to ask what it was made of but the proud saba (this savta is also proud) asked already. Very nice. Once people ove into their rooms there will even be room to store all sorts of things like a mizba-ach.

  4. It's very nice.
    I told ESG that you said so.


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