Tuesday, May 13, 2008

If it looks like a duct...

We begin by apologizing for the delay. We realize that several of our most dedicated readers have been anxiously awaiting an update since this morning. However, our Chief of Photography has been in Yeshiva, and his deputy is B"H busy. Anyway, without further ado, here's where things stand now:

Here's the paint used for the ceiling:

Here's the toilet:

And here's what it looks like underneath the sink. (It comes with a shelf, which isn't in yet.)

And, finally, here's the outlet:

Note that these pictures are from several hours ago. Since then, they have made some more progress. B"N I'll post again later, but for now, here's the duct leading into AMG's room:

And into ASG's room:
And the unit itself:

As noted in the comment section of the previous post, we're going to be having wooden steps instead of the metal steps shown here. There will I"YH be 15 steps. Here are the metal supports:
And here's a different view:
Here's a close up of the bottom:
And here's the stairs anchored into the hole:
No, sorry. No roof views for now. But don't worry. B"N we'll try and make it up for it later tonight.


  1. apology accepted

  2. Very generous of you, I'm sure.

  3. So, we were reading the beginning of the blog and took a while off. We came back to find a serious blog. We are very impressed.
    You seem to have a very capable team (photographers and writers).
    We tried posting a comment earlier but had trouble, so we are trying again.
    On a different topic- your shiputzim our very nice, we like your bathroom, hole, roof, ac and stairs.(and the rest of it)

  4. Dear SPYYZ,
    Thank you very much for your kind words. Please keep coming back here to the blog. Also, we'd love to have you for a Shabbat so you can see everything in person. (Please contact our reservations department to arrange a suitable weekend.)


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