Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tuesday morning tidings

Hello to all.
Yesterday evening, the kablan fixed the bricks on the patio near the house. It was fairly dark by the time he finished, and so the pictures had to wait until today:

The roof guy is here - this time without any workers. B"N we'll try and get you some pictures later today.

Meanwhile, the kablan worked some more on the channels in the hole, and now the electricity upstairs is working again:

Finally, the A/C guy just called to confirm that he's I"YH coming on Sunday.
More news as it becomes available....


  1. in picture number 2, where you see the hole and
    the roof tile, you should make sure to have him put up more roof tiles than what is there. I dont think that what is there will keep out the rain.

  2. Thanks. We'll ask the kablan to keep your suggestion in mind.



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