Monday, May 5, 2008

Come on up and enjoy the view

After perusing our previous post (try saying that five times fast!), some of our readers may have been wondering why the kablan blocked up the hole.

So, here's the answer: You see, while removing the three blocks formerly known as our roof (i.e., while making the hole b'laaz), the hole guys cut an electric line. (Apparently this is a fairly common occurrence.) Today, the kablan made some channels in order to fix this. (Please feel free to explain this better in the comments. Unfortunately, those members of the Our Shiputzim staff who are more familiar with the technical aspects of the construction are loathe to post. So, you're all stuck with me. :-) )
Anyway, here are two pictures of the channels:


Afterwards, the kablan returned us back to our regularly scheduled hole:
We conclude this evening's posting with three more views of the roof. (You never can have too many roof views!)
And, finally:
P.S. I was asked to report that the roof will extend 60 cm beyond the house.


  1. I would like to commend your photographer. How did he/she get to a point where he/she could take pictures of the old roof? If the hole in the ceiling from the playroom to the roof (or rather future attic) is blocked, how does one get up there? Or, is it trick photography?
    Enquiring minds want to know ;)

  2. The photographer in question asked me to relay his thanks for your kind words. Our Chief of Photography spends his days (and evenings) in Yeshiva, but I think you'll agree that his deputy does a pretty good job as well.

    Anyway, to respond to your specific question: Due to security considerations, I am not at liberty to reveal the precise nature of the access route to the roof. Suffice it to say that high-tech mechanisms (READ: a ladder) are involved.


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