Tuesday, May 6, 2008

We aim to please: Duct edition

In accordance with our policy of responding to our readers' requests, we present a picture of the relationship between the hole and the A/C duct over AMG's room:

Please note - and this is a general rule - that one can always click on any of the pictures for a closer view.
In other news, we have stairs. Note that I didn't say that we have a staircase. Rather, we have a pile of metal sheets:

And finally, what would a blog post be without the requisite roof view? Unfortunately, the newest picture we have is from well over two hours ago:

Since then, the roof guy cut off the extra wood on top from where the two slopes converge, and he also built a wooden frame against our neighbor's house (for the concrete slabs).
Also, he started putting the cross beams on the other slope. Our intrepid reporters have their eyes on this developing story and will bring you any updates as soon as they become available.


  1. for the switch to the light in the attic, you may want to put in a switch with a red light on it, so that you will know if the light is on ( you may forget to turn it off)


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