Sunday, May 11, 2008

Legions of laborers

Legions of laborers. Myriads of workmen. Crowds of construction workers.
Pick your image, but the bottom line is that there's B"H a lot of activity going on today.

Please join us as we survey the current status on each front:

Bathroom: They finished putting up all the tiles and are now working on the grout. Here are two pictures from earlier today (before they finished). This is the wall above the sink:

And here, you can see two diamonds on the wall:

Roof: The roofer is outside now sanding and staining/varnishing/painting (whichever expression works for you) the wood:


A/C: (Disclaimer: Here I am decidedly out of my element. Please feel free to consult with the non-blogging yet more technically proficient member of our staff.) Due to assorted electricity-related issues, the A/C guy ended up making numerous holes in the walls and the roof.
Here's the inside unit (that's the kablan on the left):
And here's the outside unit (together with a bonus roof view):
Finally, here's the new channel where the wire leads up to the attic.
That's it for now. More to come.

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