Monday, May 5, 2008

Don't look now but there's some wood on our house

B"H the roof is coming along. Here are two more pictures for your viewing pleasure:


Here's what the roof looked like via the hole (and the screen) earlier today:

Since then, the kablan covered up the hole:

In other news, the kablan scraped most of the cement off the bathtub and put the drains two inspection points down on the bathroom floor:

Finally, here's a picture of the inside of the cabinet that goes under the sink. (They put the handles inside to protect them.)


  1. those are not drains. They are "inspection points" "nekudei bikoret". They put these in any place there are connections between drain pipes. This way one can clean out the drains with no problem.

  2. The original post has been fixed.

    "Once again, thank you."

    (Source, anyone?)


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