Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mystery solved

The kablan just arrived and brought tile samples. He said he picked out what he thought were the nicest they had, but we could think about it. As it so happens, I really like what he picked, and so we're going with it.

Here are some pictures. Please note that you probably can't really see the color correctly. (You're all invited to come see in person.)

Here's the floor:

And here's the wall tile:

In this next picture, the floor tile is on the left, and the wall tile is on right. There will be about five of the little diamonds scattered throughout the bathroom:

Meanwhile, he confirmed that he was the one who left the toilet in the front yard. I told him that it's good he told us that, because we were getting ready to post to the community email list, "Whoever left their toilet in front of our house is asked to please come and pick it up." :-)
He said that these days, no one really uses white fixtures anymore. "Off-vite" ("Mah?! Zeh gam milah b'Anglit?!") is the new white, and so he really wanted to give us off-vite fixtures. However, since the tub is white, the other fixtures have to be white as well. He said that's why he picked out off-vite tiles that also match white.


  1. (You're all invited to come see in person.)

    what exact time would that be?

  2. 1) Thanks for the tip about sweeping the diamonds. Does your guy (the one who does concrete and steel but not waterproofing)do that sort of thing?

    2) what exact time would that be?
    That depends. What time are you available?


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