Sunday, May 4, 2008

Washing machine woes

Shavua tov.

Although the roofing guy was supposed to come this morning, his parents' dude broke, and he had to go fix it. Presumably, he'll come tomorrow instead. Also, the A/C guy told us on Friday that he's coming next Sunday - rather than today. However, we did have one visitor this morning: the appliance repairman. Our washing machine overflowed this morning (the water level gauge was clogged), and the repairman (who, like the kablan and the plumber, lives here in the neighborhood) came and fixed it.

Meanwhile, the kablan is here. He brought the toilet seat with him:

And also the faucet for the bathroom sink:

He put the first coat of paint on the three door frames.

The bathroom:

ASG's room:

AMG's room:

Right now, he's outside painting the strips of wood for the frame.
As always, watch this space for future updates.


  1. from the picture, I gather AMG's room does not have an inside. It looks like the interior wall comes up to the door. Does this bother her?

  2. Good question. You'll have to ask her.

    (Assuming, that is, that you know her... :-) )


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