Sunday, May 4, 2008

He's all thumbs

The kablan left for now but is IY"H coming back later.
Here are the wooden strips he painted for the door frames:

While he was here, he replaced the outlet near our succah. (He did this job "on the house".)

And here's what it looks like opened:
(That's YZG's thumb - in case you may be interested. But then again, most people would probably say that YZG's thumb is a lot more interesting than pictures of wood and plaster...)

The kablan also patched up the bathroom. Here's the toilet:

And here's the sink:

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  2. [Cue TV announcer voice]
    Will the doors be wood or white?
    What color will the toilet paper holder be?
    For these, and other, fascinating questions, please tune in to future episodes of.... OUR SHIPUTZIM.
    [/End TV announcer voice]


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