Sunday, May 25, 2008

What's in a name? A rose hole by any other name...

Today, we basically had a construction-free day. The kablan did show up for a few minutes in the morning (in order to plaster a bit around the hole*) and then again in the mid-afternoon (in order to pick up a tool he had left and to discuss the color of the railing). However, the rest of the day, he was elsewhere, but he does plan on spending the rest of the week here I"YH.
In the mean time, please keep those comments coming.
Good night from the entire Our Shiputzim staff.
*A note about nomenclature: Although it has been scraped, sanded, plastered and generally worked over, the hole in the attic-floor-formerly-known-as-the-roof is still just that - namely, a hole. However, our editorial board has ruled that once the staircase is completed, the hole will be renamed. From that point on, the erstwhile "hole" will be referred to as "the attic stairwell."


  1. could you please define exactly what you mean " when the staircase is finished".
    steps put on?
    steps swept?
    door to attic installed?

    or what.

    Also will this be an exact moment or at the next blog entry.

    This is all very unknown

  2. This is all very unknown
    I can see that this is all very difficult for you. Unfortunately, however, security concerns prevent me from divulging more precise information to "anonymous" (as if!) commenters.



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