Monday, April 28, 2008

Up to the wild blue yonder

The kablan came at around 10 am and sealed off the two bedrooms.

Here's AMG's room:

And here's ASG's room:

He also put plastic down on the playroom floor:

He then proceeded to drill several small holes in the ceiling so they'll know where to cut tomorrow morning:

In fact, if you look closely, you can see up to the sky:

The workers are supposed to I"YH arrive at around 7:15 am tomorrow and hope to start cutting by 8:00. (The kablan - who lives two doors away from us - will be davening with YZG at the 6:30 am minyan. :-) )
In other news, the toilet is going to be right under the window in the bathroom - i.e. in the middle of that wall (unlike where it is in the downstairs bathroom). Meanwhile, the kablan asked if we wanted to go with him today to look at tiles, but since the kids were going to be coming home soon, we couldn't leave then. So, he said he'll bring some samples for us to look at.

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