Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What are YOU missing?

As is customary in the post-Pesach period (that's the PPP, for short), several kitchen implements seem to be missing. This year, we can't find our milk opener or the cover to our Tupperware flour container. (We have the canister itself; it's just the lid that's off in PPP-limbo.)

So, what are you missing? Points to the commenter who leaves the most exotic item.

Now, I can just hear some of our dear readers saying, "Yes. That's all very interesting. But isn't it a bit off-topic? Shouldn't you have put an 'OT' in the title?"

Extra credit points go to the first commenter who figures out what missing kitchen implements have to do with this blog.

Meanwhile, in other news, we decided that six of the roof tiles will be glass tiles. As some of you may recall, we currently have glass bricks over the stairs, and we don't want to block the light that shines through them.


  1. Are you worried that the missing cover will somehow get or was already built into some part of the shiputizim? Think of the fun for some future archeologist? He/she will never be able to figure out why you put a cover under a floor in a bathroom.

  2. Good guess, and I can just imagine the scholary paper written about ancient construction methods and the blue plastic round thing they used to use.

    But, actually, we're not really worried about that. It's more a matter of we can't really get to all our stuff, because it's all piled up. The cover is probably in one of the boxes all the way on the bottom.

    Thanks again for commenting.


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