Thursday, June 12, 2008

Deja vu all over again

(Yeah, I know. That was a very obvious title.)

B”H the masger seems to have recovered, because he showed up this morning and immediately got to work on “Our Stairs: The Sequel”.

Here’s the masger working on the supports and the brackets:


After they were in place and we tested them, the kablan took everything down so he could paint:


In due course, the paint dried (yes, it WAS like watching paint dry!), and the kablan was able to install the steps:


And here’s another view:


And – why not? – how about a view from the attic:


Here’s a close-up of one of the brackets:


And a view from the top of the staircase:IMG_1857

And, lastly, a view of the support attached to the floor. If you look carefully, you can see the patched up hole from the old stairs. (It’s one tile to the right.)


Finally, we conclude today’s posting with a very special announcement:

As of this afternoon, the erstwhile hole has been renamed and, henceforth, is to be referred to as: The Attic Stairwell!

The Our Shiputzim editorial board requests that the correct term be employed in all future correspondence. Thank you for your cooperation in this regard.


  1. First I'd like to say I have enjoyed even the unexciting posts of the last few days. I'd also like to vote for a title:
    My first choice is probably:
    Black is the new... well, er... black
    But I have a soft spot for the miskan one:
    The one that didn't have a title
    We are off to an important shul meeting.
    Bye for now

  2. I have enjoyed even the unexciting posts of the last few days.
    Now that's what we call a loyal fan! Thanks for your kind words.

    I'd also like to vote for a title
    Your vote has been duly noted by the relevant authorities. Thanks for doing your civic duty and participating.

    We are off to an important shul meeting.
    So - to screen or not to screen, that is the question?

  3. There was even a little (or maybe a lot) of - to scream or not to scream, that is the question

  4. Ah, yes. Good old shul politics.


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