Sunday, June 15, 2008

Let's shelve that plan for now

There's nothing more boring than a blogger who, after not posting for a few days, briefly returns with a lame excuse and an insincere apology for neglecting the blog - only to once again abandon the poor, lonely blog and the faithful, long-suffering readers.

Alas, such appears to be the case here. However, in our defense, we should note that we did post a request for future topics here. Yet, the response was limited to a single comment (to be found here).

So, unless - or until - several other readers chime in with suggestions for future topics, posting is likely to become even more infrequent and the entries are likely to become even less interesting, as our renovations slowly begin to wind down.

In the meantime, let me bring you up-to-date:
On Friday, the carpenter arrived to re-measure the attic-stairwell-formerly-known-as-our-hole. Hopefully, he'll be returning some time this week.

Also, on Friday, ASG washed the playroom floor, and everyone managed to remove all the toys and books from the living room before Shabbat. Unfortunately, the pictures of the playroom have not been cleared for publication. (We haven't yet decided how we want to organize all the playroom furnishings.)

In other news, the kablan is off to Europe on vacation for a few days, which gives us about a week to empty ASG and AMG's rooms in advance of the painting. To that end, YZG and AMG once again hosed down the attic, which had become dusty again due to the installation of "Our Stairs: The Sequel", in general, and the carving out of the top stair, in particular. Afterwards, they used bleach to wash the floor and then started bringing the shelves up from AMG's room.

This is what the attic looks like now:


And that's where we're holding for now.

As always, watch this space for future updates, and feel free to leave a comment*. We love hearing from you.
* In response to a reader's query about comments to old posts, let me explain ("no, there is too much, let me sum up") that all comments - even those left on the older posts - come directly to us.


  1. I have to ask: Why is one set of shelves at right angles to the other two? There seems to be room in a line.
    Otherwise, you are really beginning to see the end. Very nice!
    As far as further blog topics, I can't think of anything. Of course there's always the very aggravating political situation or the shul meeting-type thing. (I'm into shul things at the moment. Sorry)

  2. Why is one set of shelves at right angles to the other two?
    There are still several more shelves that we need to bring upstairs. Even today, ASG helped YZG bring a few more up. In short, the arrangement of the shelves is far from finalized.

    there's always the very aggravating political situation
    Yeah, but there are many other blogs that discuss that. I'm not really sure that we have anything to add.

    or the shul meeting-type thing
    Unfortunately, there is no way to discuss this without:
    a) Descending deep into the lashon hara zone, and
    b) Losing any semblance we have of anonymity.

    In any event, thanks for the suggestions!


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