Monday, May 5, 2008

A trip to the "City in Growing Process" (sic)

This morning, YZG and I went to the "City in Growing Process" [sic].

(Question for our readers: Does anyone know if it's still called that? It's been a very long time since we drove that way.)

We went to the tile/bathroom fixture place to get the bathroom sink. We ended up getting the model that the kablan had suggested, but we wanted to be able to pick out the color ourselves. It comes with a cabinet below and a mirror (but not a medicine cabinet) above. Here's a black and white picture. (The color is "kafeh". B"N, we'll try and take a colored picture later.)

Meanwhile, the kablan made some more progress on the door frames:

He also brought the shower bathtub faucet with him:

But the big news is that the roof guys started working this morning. Here are two pictures from a short while ago:


More exciting stuff to come....


  1. i believe that should be called a bathtub faucet

  2. Thanks.
    The original posting has been corrected.


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