Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Heblish: As The Laundry Spins Edition

Now that Load #4 out of a million (but who’s counting…) is in the washing machine, doing its thing, it’s the perfect time to survey some of the latest Heblishisms emanating from around the J-Blogosphere:

From A Mother in Israel:

  • Jump from on: Hebrew source לקפוץ מעל. English definition – To jump over. Sample usage - “I’m going to jump from on you.”

From Safra-knit:

  • Go up to the head: Hebrew source עלה בראש. English definition – Have an idea. Sample usage - “The idea went up to my head to go visit my friend.”

From Rafi G.:

  • Do chayim: Hebrew source לעשות חיים. English definition – To have a great time; to live it up. Sample usage - “We went swimming and did chayim in the swimming pool.”

From Malke:

  • There are and there are: Hebrew source יש ויש. English definition – Some are one way, and some are the other. Sample usage - “The teacher asked if our class uses crayons or markers, and we told her, ‘there are and there are.’”Open-mouthed

Thanks, everyone, and please keep all those excellent Heblish submissions coming!


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  1. “We went swimming and did chayim in the swimming pool.” Sounds funny, but maybe I'll try this tomorrow. Haven't been swimming in too, too long!

    When people toast L'chaim, I sometimes reply, to Esther.

  2. Those are all fantastic - thanks for sharing!

  3. Leora - to Esther.
    Good one! :-)

    Toby - Thanks for your sweet comment. Are you all caught up on the laundry?


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