Monday, March 28, 2011

Heblish: Plenty more where that came from edition

You’ve run out of Heblish, haven’t you?” a reader recently observed.

After all, s/he noted, it’s been a while since I posted a batch of entries from the Official Our Shiputzim Heblish-English Dictionary.

Besides, s/he added, a couple of the newer Heblish editions were comprised entirely of reader submissions*.

Clearly, s/he concluded, I’ve exhausted the Heblish supply.

And so, in response and in order to prove that Heblish actually approaches infinity, I present several all-new entries - straight from TRLEOOB (=the real life equivalent of our blog):

  • A chaval: Hebrew source חבל. English definition – Too bad; a shame. Sample usage - “It’s a chaval that I didn’t get a turn on the computer yesterday.”
  • Cow meat: Hebrew source בשר בקר. English definition – Beef. Sample usage - “We had cow meat at the Purim seudah.”
  • The electricity jumped: Hebrew source החשמל קפץ. English definition – The circuit breaker tripped. Sample usage - “The light bulb burned out, and it made all the electricity in the house jump.”
  • Practice on: Hebrew source להתאמן על. English definition – Practice. Sample usage - “We practiced on the play.”
  • Skip on: Hebrew source לדלג על. English definition – Skip over. Sample usage - “The teacher said that we should skip on that page.”
  • It doesn’t shaveh: Hebrew source זה לא שווה. English definition – It’s not worth it. Sample usage - “It doesn’t shaveh for me to try it.”

I rest my case…smile_teeth

*Speaking of reader submissions, I still have a bunch waiting to be posted. Thanks to everyone who sent me their favorite Heblishisms, and please keep them coming…


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  1. I like "cow meat" instead of "beef". At least everybody can understand it.

  2. Tremendous! And I agree with ilanadavita that "cow meat" is a lot more honest than "beef" or "red meat." And don't we all want to instill our kids with a sense of honesty, after all? Maybe English speakers everywhere should adopt this Heblish!

    Cow meat, anyone?

  3. Ilana-Davita and Toby - And best of all, it makes it sound SOOO appetizing, too.

    Or, maybe not... ;-)

  4. The cow meat business reminds me of a certain family member, who works for a certain food business, that exports also to the US and in one of their brochures in English they wrote that their dairy products are made of "fresh cows, and goats' milk." Bit of a basar b'chalav problem there...

  5. In the southern U.S. they call Milk Moo juice, how appetizing does that sound?!

  6. Malke - LOL! :-)

    Y W - Actually, not just in the South... :-)


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