Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Post-Purim Blogbits

1) B”H, we enjoyed a wonderful, joyous Purim, including a beautiful seudah. Special thanks to the Be-All-You-Can-Be family for their gracious – and delicious! – hospitality.

2) Newer readers will be (no doubt) interested to learn that Mr. Be-All-You-Can-Be is not only the official Our Shiputzim military advisor – What? Your blog doesn’t have a military advisor? You really should get one… – but also served as our tour guide to the wind turbines in the Golan.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Be-All-You-Can-Be is the source for my favorite cheesecake filling recipe.

3) The latest Haveil Havalim is available here. Special thanks to Susan B for including my Heblish translation of Esther 3.

4) Here in TRLEOOB*, we’ve officially entered Stage II of our unique Pre-Pesach Program.

Please feel free to use this highly-effective system yourself…

4) And finally, on a related note, here’s a little seasonal secret for you:

If none of your friends responded to your Facebook status about all the Pesach cleaning you’ve accomplished, you probably shouldn’t take their silence as approval.

Rather, they were raised to believe that if you have nothing nice to say, well, you know the rest…



*TRLEOOB=the real life equivalent of our blog


  1. The Pre-Pesach posts have started to appear here and elsewhere, does this mean I should enter Stage II myself?
    Still trying to find a new Haggadah for the spiritual prep.

  2. "What? Your blog doesn’t have a military advisor? You really should get one…"
    LOL..when I see in my stats views from places like... Iran, Jordan, Oman and many other Arab countries I wonder if maybe I really do need one:)

  3. What pesach is coming??? wow we gotta get moving.

  4. Ilana-Davita - Haggadah-shopping is an excellent way to spend Stage II... :-)

    Daniela - LOL! Do you think Osem flat pretzels are available in the Iranian or Jordanian equivalent of the makolet? :-)

    Y W - Do you make Pesach or do you go away for yom tov?

  5. Mrs S- this is our 2nd pesach being married last pesach we went to the in laws/parents but this year bue to the close proximity i live to my in laws we will sleeping there and spending chol hamoed there so we have to make pesach for the first time and we didnt even start.

  6. Y W - I'm impressed. We didn't make Pesach until we had been married for about ten years!


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