Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Blogiversary to me!

Here in TRLEOOB*, Isru Chag is not only the day we hold our breaths as we wait to discover which chametz utensils were irretrievably swallowed up into the pre-Pesach void as well as the annual kick-off of Gebrochts Week, but it also marks Our Shiputzim’s third Hebrew blogiversary. (Tomorrow is the secular date.)

In honor of this most auspicious occasion, here are some of the more amusing searches which led to this blog:

The Search Term

My Comments

denim of yehareg v'al ya'avor

Don’t you think that denim is a BIT informal for this sort of thing?

liver kaved

It’s not heavy. It’s my brother…

factors of 5771

For the record, the answer is: “199 and 29”.

heblish torah blessings

First came Mah Nishtanah. Next came the Megillah. And now - Birchot HaTorah??

let's pass that subject

Ah, yes! Heblish at its very best.

prayer for skinks

I’m sure that YZG can compose something suitable.

best chardal communities in israel

No doubt you’re referring to the ones which won the prestigious Chardal Community Championship?

mothers' day unseen for practicing bagrut

Not to be overly pedantic or anything, but actually, the correct spelling is “on-seen”.

is mock turtle soup kosher

As Alice said: “I don't even know what a Mock Turtle is.”

creative interpretation of sheva brachot

Yeah, I think you MAY have come to the wrong blog.

tuna tissue fire

Because nothing says, “I’m an Israeli now,” like using a tissue to prepare smoked tuna.

steps of pomelo tree dance

I won’t ask.

potato kugel name yiddish

Must… not… make… fun…

yom yerushalayim kugel recipe

After all, that’s what our great-grandparents in Europe traditionally ate on the 28th of Iyar…


Here’s to another year!


*TRLEOOB=the real life equivalent of our blog


  1. UNBLELIVABLY FUNNY!!! I really enjoyed that!
    Happy blogiversary here's to many many more:)

  2. Mazal tov! Here's to many more years of happy blogging :)

  3. Since you love acronyms so much: HBTY, HBTY, HBDMS, HBTY!

  4. "Steps of pomelo tree dance"...I was wondering what you guys were doing there late at night, with torches, dancing around the pomelo tree...

  5. Happy Blogiversary, this birthday I'm sure is special because i'm a blog reader

  6. Daniela - I'm glad.

    Toby - Thanks!

    Miriyummy - LOL, and, uh, TY! :-)

    Malke - I thought I saw someone lurking in the shadows. You should've come over and joined us... :-)

    Y W - Absolutely! :-)

  7. Happy blogiversary to one of my favorite Israeli bloggers.
    Thank you for sharing your sense of humor, and a lot more, with us. I deeply hope that some day we can do it for real. The search terms are incredible; I also have my share of weird ones.

    Ilana-Davita who pretends she is anonymous so that she can post her comment!

  8. Ilana-Davita - Shavua tov, and thank you for your sweet comment! I too look forward to the day when our friendship can move from the virtual world to the real one!


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