Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Around the J-Blogosphere

Several items of note:

1) Carl shares a beautiful open letter to Tamar Fogel.

2) Jameel posts fascinating photos of Israel in the 1960’s.

3) Leora painted a lovely street scene, which some of you (especially some of the more veteran readers) might recognize.

4) As always happens this time of year, “potato kugel” – or some variation thereof – has been the most popular search term leading to this blog in recent weeks. And so, for those who are interested: Here’s my potato kugel post.

5) The latest Kosher Cooking Carnival is available here. Special thanks to Phyllis for including my hamentashen post.

6) And finally - on the off-chance that you haven’t seen it yet - here’s a cute video that’s been making the rounds:

Chodesh tov, and happy cleaning!



  1. Thanks so much for the link to my painting! I'm afraid my painting time may get taken by Pesach prep, but Pesach does end eventually. During Pesach I'll probably be cooking...

    A nice set of links you provided, including the one to KCC!

  2. Leora - I'm afraid my painting time may get taken by Pesach prep
    That seems to be the case with my blogging time. But for me, it's not Pesach prep per se. It's all the work projects (BA"H) that I'm trying to finish up this week so I can take off on Pesach.

  3. Awesome Aish clip, had not seen it, thanks for posting|:)

  4. I will definitely try your potato kugel recipe, it looks intersting i will gve you a review.

  5. Y W - I look forward to your review! :-)

  6. You outdid yourself this time with your collection of links. The letter was incredibly moving, I loved the old pictures, Leora's painting was beautiful and the video was right on target.
    But aren't you supposed to be cleaning for Pesach...?

  7. Malke - Cleaning?? What is this "cleaning" of which you speak? :-)

    !שבת שלום ומבורך

  8. I just don't understand something it says to use 2 large potatoes and 2 eggs but then you say to use "2 eggs (i.e. 1 egg per every 2 potatoes + 1 extra egg 'for the pot')"
    so how is that 1 egg for every 2 potatoes? i don't understand enlighten me please

  9. Y W - Sorry about the confusion. It's one egg for every two potatoes PLUS one extra egg. Or to put it in mathematical terms:
    Eggs = (Potatoes/2) + 1.

    Thus, for 4 potatoes, you would use 3 eggs; for 6 potatoes, you would use 4 eggs; etc.

    Hope this helps... :-)


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