Monday, October 25, 2010

There's a Skink in the Sink

Prompted by a comment on my skink post, YZG took finger to keyboard and surprised me with a, um, literary masterpiece.

I’m reposting it here for those who may have missed it:

There's a Skink in the Sink

(With apologies to Dr. Seuss)

by YZG

I didn't want to move or blink,
For it was sitting there on the brink.
I don’t know what others think,
But I was all tickled pink.
There's a skink in the sink!

I didn't want to move, I didn't want to blink.
One wrong move, a little jink,
And away, away he would slink.

From my duty I could not shrink,
Though I be a mere gink.
So, hands together all in sync,
Careful to make not even a plink,
I grabbed him faster than a wink.

For a sink was no place for a skink.
He deserved his own rink.
Parts of the small enclosure I did link,
For the goal was worth all the swink.

It had to be safe from even a flying chewink,
Safe from the ground from roving mink.
When all was done, we had a drink,
Our glasses together we did clink.

Labeled carefully, clearly in ink,
We announced the rink opening, without making a stink.

For the opening, the skink, he did prink,
And everything went well, without a kink.
The rink endures without a chink,
To find it and visit, just search for the link.

Thank you, YZG.

I think…



  1. Ok, that was misleading. I thought there was a hidden link in the poem somewhere that would take me to a picture of the skink in the rink...

    Alas, there is no such link :(

  2. Wow, what hiddwen talent!

  3. Leah - I'm pretty sure that this blog has already far exceeded its allotment of slink pictures... :-)

    Malke - And to think that when you were here this past Shabbat, you had no idea that YZG was just a few days away from becoming a published poet... :-)

  4. Wonderful! I put up a link to it at

  5. Hi Ariella. I think you meant to write:
    Thanks for the link!

  6. You're right. I think that when I use the Blogger link feature, when I try to copy a link to my post that contains the link it shows up as the link itself. When I put in the links without going through it that way, my blog title seems to remain intact.

  7. Ariella - Blogger strikes again... :-(


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