Tuesday, December 30, 2008

One last Chanukah post

Chanukah vacation is over, and everyone headed back to school today. But as we were putting all the chanukiyot and draidels away until next year IY”H, ESG reminded me that I had neglected to post a picture of the unique chanukiyah he made at his school’s Chanukah party.

ESG attended this party by himself – even though the parents were invited as well - because YZG and I had to go to a funeral. ESG understood but asked if I could at least post his decorative chanukiyah on the blog.

So, here goes:


For more of ESG’s handiwork, be sure to check out his mizbach haketoret model as well as his Parshat Vayeishev diorama.

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  1. Your חנוכיה is really nice. Good work.


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