Sunday, December 28, 2008


Shavua tov, chodesh tov, and happy Chanukah!

We were privileged to have spent a very special and extremely enjoyable Shabbat-Rosh Chodesh-Chanukah together with our extended family at a field school in Achziv, which is on the northern Mediterranean coast – just south of Rosh HaNikra.

Here is a picture of the field school grounds:

IMG_4174Note to my Israeli readers: We highly recommend this field school as a place to stay. It may not be a 5-star hotel, but it was pretty, clean and fixed up very nicely. Plus, the staff went out of their way to accommodate us in every way. (Feel free to contact me at OurShiputzim at gmail dot com for more information.)

The Achziv beach:


Rosh HaNikra as seen from Achziv:


The ocean:


The exterior of our well-appointed room:


The view from inside our room:


The coast:


YZG and I would like to take this opportunity to thank our parents for a truly wonderful weekend.

Meanwhile, our thoughts and prayers are with the IDF and the brave residents of the South.

בשורות טובות


  1. We had a blast at Achziv a few summers ago...very highly rated! (Glad you had a fun shabbat...ours was slightly hectic, as my pager didnt stop from lunchtime...)

  2. But what about inside pictures? You can't say nice and clean and then have no proof.....

  3. how was the breakfast?any danishes?

  4. Jameel - We spent an idyllic Shabbat completely unaware that anything was happening. In fact, since we didn't even turn on the radio during the drive home, we didn't learn about the fighting until we had turned on our computers after lighting Chanukah candles and getting the younger kids to bed.

    Your updates are great BTW!

  5. SPYYZ - You know, it's funny. For some reason, I thought you were there with us on Shabbat and were thus able to see the interiors for yourself. Apparently, I'm confusing you with a different SPYYZ...

  6. "Anonymous" - I guess they were so busy fixing the place up over the past 29 years that they forgot about the danishes...
    But the corn beef at lunch more than made up for it!

  7. Beautiful photos. I hope the north continues to stay quiet...

  8. Leora - Thanks. I hope so too...

  9. Even if we were there with you (and we're not saying we were), we were worried about your credibility as a blogger....
    "we're only thinking of you"

  10. SPYYZ - "we're only thinking of you"
    Hmm, this is a tough one.
    Should I:
    a) Respond (a la "Man of La Mancha") and say, "Of COURSE you are, my dear..."
    b) Protest that my blogging credibility is quite intact, thankyouverymuch.

    Your thoughts?


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