Thursday, December 11, 2008

Chatting with ENG: Education edition

You’ll all be glad to hear that in spite of the pre-bar mitzvah tumult here in TRLEOOB, ENG is not neglecting her studies. The following conversation took place this morning as ENG was getting was ready for gan:

ENG: Imma?

Me: Yes?

ENG: Now we’re learning about Chanukah in gan, but before that we learned about water.

Me: Hmm.

ENG: It gets used up.

Me: What?

ENG: The water. It gets used up.

Me: I see.

ENG: And before we learned about water, we learned about something else.

Me: Oh?

ENG: But I don’t know what it’s called…


  1. Hmmm...something about this conversation reminds me of the time my brother tried to substitute water for oil in making popcorn (it doesn't work, don't try this at home).

    Here in Highland Park we are trying to send our rain over to Israel. We got very wet last week.

    Bar-mitzvah hasn't happened yet? This week?

  2. Substituting water for oil reminds me about that story from the Gemara about R' Chanina ben Dosa's daughter who accidentally used vinegar instead of oil for the Shabbat candles...

    Thanks for the rainy good wishes. We really need them!

    The bar mitzvah was this past Shabbat, and B"H it was really beautiful. I hope to blog about it as soon as I have a chance.


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