Wednesday, December 10, 2008

…And we are “GO” for new clothes

I realize that some of you were concerned that our resident ulpanistit* hadn’t yet found any new clothes for the fast-approaching bar mitzvah. (If you don’t have your own resident ulpanistit or an equivalent thereof, you probably don’t understand what’s so difficult about finding clothes. However, you’ll have to trust me on this one.)

So, I decided to take a quick break from cooking, cleaning, shopping, arranging, organizing etc. to bring you the good news. B"H, all the female members of the Shiputzim family now have new outfits, and the sartorial crisis has been averted.

Thank you to our resident ulpanistit’s Savta for saving the day!



* An ulpanistit is one who attends an ulpanah (a girls’ religious high school) – i.e. a teenage girl בלעז.


  1. Where did you get lucky? We are always looking for good stores.


  2. Hi, RCT.
    There wasn't anything special about the stores themselves. In fact, we had been to these same types of places many times before. The key was that THIS time, our resident ulpanistit was accompanied by her Savta...

  3. All I can say (while blushing modestly) is "my pleasure".
    It really was my pleasure ;)
    We had a good time--even getting wet in the rain.

  4. Thank you, Savta.
    I also had a good time.

  5. Sounds great. One must be careful with whom one shops. I bought a rediculously expensive cellphone, because I had the wrong "helper."

    I'm glad that the savta is a great shopping coach.


  6. Thanks, Muse.

    I have such special memories of going shopping with my grandmother a"h, and I'm so glad that my mother and daughter are able to continue the tradition.


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