Sunday, December 21, 2008

“V’habor reik – ein bo mayim…”

About a year and a half ago, ESG made a diorama about Parshat Vayeishev, which will be his bar mitzvah parsha* in a few years IY”H.


Be sure to click on the picture for a closer view of the nechashim v’akrabim (the snakes and scorpions in the pit).

Check out this post for another example of ESG’s artwork.


* I’m told that Parshat Vayeishev is a cool parsha to lein, because of the shalshelet in Shishi… Of course, MAG’s parsha (Vayishlach) has its own advantage: the 613 Torah Avenue “Vayishlach Song”. Yes, on Friday night at the bar mitzvah, we forced all our relatives to sing were pleased by the way everyone willingly joined in. (Sorry, guys, and thanks for being such great sports!)


  1. Great diorama. Vayeishev is a great parsha. I bought striped cloth last year for the tables...

    We make them sing, too. But our relatives like it, truthfully.

  2. Striped tablecloths for Parshat Vayeishev - what a great idea!

    Almost all of our relatives come from Litvish stock, which means that singing/dancing is not really their thing. But we love them dearly anyway...


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