Monday, March 9, 2009

Heblish: Purim edition

Nothing says Purim like a fuzzy blend of languages.

And so without further ado, here’s yet another batch of entries from the Official Our Shiputzim Heblish-English Dictionary:

Three and a quarter: Hebrew source – שלוש ורבע. English definition – 3:15. Sample usage - “We’re having our Purim seudah at three and a quarter.”

Start in: Hebrew source – …להתחיל ב. English definition – Start with. Sample usage - “Make a post - each one in a label that starts in one of those letters.” (Although technically, this entry isn’t part of the Shiputzim family’s dialect – after all, it comes from a commenter on this post – I took the liberty of including it anyway.)

Take down points; take down the grade: Hebrew source – להוריד נקודות; להוריד את הציון. English definition – Remove points; take off points; lower the grade. Sample usage - “I can’t believe the teacher took down fifteen points just because I got this one answer wrong!”

Dress up to: Hebrew source – …להתחפש ל. English definition – To dress up as. Sample usage - “What are you dressing up to this year?”

Happy Purim!


Previous Heblish editions are available here: Heblish I, Heblish II, Heblish III, and Heblish IV.


  1. Despite my correcting them all the time, I now have to think about the proper way to say "dress up ?"

    Somewhere I have a list of Heblish. I've heard 3 and a half as a time. I like One, one instead of one at a time and when does Shabbat come in? You have a telephone.

  2. MiI - You have a telephone.
    This is classic!
    I hope your Purim was as B"H wonderful as ours was...

  3. Hope that you had a nice Purim (and that you had enough time to "pick up" apples from the trees.)

  4. SuperRaizy - That reminds me of when our then one-year old used to say, "pick-you-up me". (This was back in the days before we made aliyah and before Heblish became the lingua franca here in TRLEOOB - the real life equivalent of our blog.)


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