Friday, March 13, 2009

Fun & Games Friday: Snowball fight edition

As some of you know, ASG (aka “the CTO,” or “the Chief Technical Officer of the blog”) is double-majoring in physics and computers. (Yes, Israeli high school students have to choose a major or concentration – i.e., a מגמה - megamah, for the Hebraically-oriented among you.)

He attends the physics classes, but his yeshiva gave him permission to do all the computer courses independently.

In any event, he recently developed a snowball fight game using C#.

Here’s a screen shot of the game:

Snowball Fight Game screenshot

ASG wrote the following:

Snowball Fight Game Directions

  • Object: The object of the Snowball Fight Game is to hit your opponent three times with snowballs.
  • Game play: In this game, you play against the computer. Each player starts with three snowballs and three lives. If you run out of snowballs, you won’t be able to continue throwing until you make another snowball. When a player is hit, s/he loses some health.
  • On your turn: During your turn, you can either make a snowball, throw a snowball, move closer to your opponent, or back away. The closer you are, the greater chance you have of hitting your opponent.

Now that you’ve read the directions, you can click on the following icon to download and play ASG’s Snowball Fight Game*:

Way to go, ASG!

Shabbat Shalom to all!


* Note: If you get the following error message - "The application failed to initialize properly" - you’ll need to install the .Net Framework from here.


  1. Hmmm. Will show to my game loving sons on Motzei Shabbat. When was the last time your sons saw snow? Interesting topic to choose as a game.

    Love to hear about your technically advanced family.

    Shabbat Shalom!

  2. ASG: Nice game. Are you going to release another version this summer???

    Imma: you added 2 labels this post!!! There are now 99. One more to go!!!

  3. mag: why wait till the summer?

  4. YAT: That is when ASG has time to make the game. two summers ago, he made the first Snowball Fight game. (That games was not as good as this version. The old game is in DOS...) If you want to see the old version, you need to ask ASG.

  5. Leora - Shavua tov! Your snow comment made me smile. IIRC, the last time we saw snow was about a year ago, when we made a pilgrimage to see and play in Yerushalayim's snow...

    MAG - I'm working on it...

    YAT - Did you try playing ASG's game? By the way, your thank you note arrived last week. I enjoyed the shout-outs to the blog...

  6. asg: are you out there any where mag told me to ask you to see the other version of the game.

  7. YAT: Did you even play this version of the game???
    The old one is not as good, but if you want to see it anyway, ASG is out there, somewhere...

  8. no i cant we need to instal that thing

  9. YAT: So why don't you install it? I think the older vesion also needs that thing...


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