Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A look back at… joining Facebook

This will be the first post in a hopefully recurring series, in which the Our Shiputzim staff returns to long-forgotten posts and discusses any and all subsequent related developments. (Please note that the Our Shiputzim editorial board has ruled that priority will be given to boring old posts which no one cared about the first time around.)

About two months ago, YZG and I joined Facebook, after YCT and RCT twisted our arms because we wanted to see what all the excitement was about.

Here’s the verdict:

Everyone knows that Facebook is great for catching up with old friends, for staying in touch, etc.

However, no one told me about the best part. You see, it’s not that I notice these things or even care, and it’s certainly not a competition, but…

I have more Facebook friends* than YZG does!

I’m just sayin’.


* Admittedly, I only have one more friend than he does. But contrary to the opinion of a certain veteran Our Shiputzim reader, being one ahead does not mean that I can be compared to our current illustrious Foreign Minister…



  1. ...and to think that I actually believed you when you kept saying that "it's not a contest" (when I had more friends of course). To show that I actually believed you I'm going to take the high road and I'm not going to break out my college yearbook and scrounge around for people to befriend - at least for now :-)

  2. YZG:
    Nice try with your whole claiming-to-be-taking-the-high-road thing, but:
    1) I have reason to believe that no one thought for one second that you "actually believed" me...
    2) The fact remains that I have more friends than you...

  3. Don't worry YZG, as soon as I read the post I went right to facebook and invited you to be my friend (uh oh, is that allowed in _____?)

  4. Malke - Thanks. As far as being allowed in ____, since it's for a good cause, I'm sure its okay. :)

  5. Let's tell the whole story:
    The comparison wasn't of you to the Foreign Minister (there is no comparison in my objective opinion), but--rather--that just 'cause someone is one behind it doesn't mean he (YZG, I was on your side) cannot be the winner anyway.

  6. I've found facebook a waste. I guess not too many friends of mine facebook.

  7. Malke and YZG - Curses. Foiled again.

    Imma - So, in other words, you're defending YZG by comparing him to our illustrious once and future Prime Minister. Nice...

    Batya - I didn't really see the point before we joined, but the truth is that it's nice to be back in touch with some old friends.

  8. :-) Do you spend more time on Facebook?

  9. You didn't add another label!
    There are still ONLY 95!!!
    Now we need a good label for this post. Any ideas?

  10. Ilana-Davita - Do you mean more time than YZG? If so, yes. He checks FB very infrequently.
    Shabbat Shalom!

    MAG - The next post has a new label. Check it out...

  11. Make me your friend and it will be two more!

  12. Thanks, Baila, I just may take you up on your offer.

    And if I do, YZG, you might want to start thinking about resorting to your college yearbook after all.

    Not that it's a competition or anything...


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