Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s a… crane fly???

They look like giant mutant mosquitoes, and we initially referred to them as “those monster mosquitoes”.

But we soon learned that they’re officially known as crane flies, and they’re actually quite harmless. In fact, they’re not exactly the most intelligent of creatures and are very easy to catch.

The truth is that I don’t remember ever seeing them until about 8-9 years ago – i.e. a few years after we made aliyah.

But then one Purim, they suddenly appeared.

And they were all over the place. Literally. That first year, there were swarms of them in shul on Purim night. (At that time, our shul building was under construction, and the interim structure’s windows had no screens.)

Although their numbers have decreased significantly since then, the crane flies reappear like clockwork every Purim and stick around until Pesach-time. (The kids now call them “Purim Flies”.)

That’s all very interesting, I can hear you say. But why are you blogging about them now?

Good question.

The first – and obvious – reason is that when one’s looking for excuses to avoid Pesach cleaning, any blog topic is welcome.

Yet the real impetus for this post was an incident which occurred earlier this evening here in TRLEOOB*. When a certain Shiputzim daughter went to brush her teeth, she was dismayed to discover a crane fly swirling around the bathroom.

As you can imagine, high jinks ensued.

But YZG quickly removed the offending creature from the premises; the Shiputzim daughter in question was able to brush her teeth; and I headed to the computer to bang out this post….



* TRLEOOB = the real life equivalent of our blog


  1. Quite a variety of topics on your blog - even wildlife.

  2. SPYYZ - Yes, our PR department is thinking about adopting a new motto: "Our Shiputzim: Your Source For Everything From Goats To Crane Flies"...

  3. Mmmm I sure wouldn't want one in my batroom.

  4. Your posts are great. I learn so much. Now I know about the crane fly, too.


  5. Ilana-Davita - :-)

    Melissa - Thanks for your kind words.

  6. "They’re not exactly the most intelligent of creatures and are very easy to catch."
    It's still gross to catch them...

  7. I want to write a second comment but there is somthing with long legs ang wings sitinig on half of the keybord so there are some keys I can't use without...EOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! (I pressed the letter E...)

    BTW - I found out the hard way: They are very easy to catch...

  8. Now I'm scared to write another one...Oops!

  9. MAG - Isn't it amazing that while no one else in the family was ever attacked by a crane fly while typing on the computer, it apparently happened to you twice?!
    By the way, thanks for cleaning the upstairs bathroom!

  10. I find those flies land somewhere and stay there for hours. They also don't sting, or bite.

  11. Baila - They may look scary, but they really are harmless...


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