Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome to 2007

No, that isn’t a typo. I’m well aware that the calendar indicates that today is the first day of 2009.

It’s just that – as some of you know – YZG and I joined Facebook last night… only two years behind the rest of the world!

Anyway, since some of you were surprised that YZG and I took this rather uncharacteristic step, allow me to present:

The Official Our Shiputzim Facebook FAQ

Why did you join Facebook? Mainly, because both YCT (of the nameless and long-neglected blog) and RCT have been telling us that we really should. Also, like Mount Everest, Facebook was there…

But why now? I don’t know. Maybe we needed a frivolous escape from the war. Or maybe I needed some more blog fodder. (Speaking of which, in case you missed it, you might want to check out my Heblish III post from last week.)

Are you going to be spending your days on Facebook at the expense of this blog? I wouldn’t start worrying quite yet. I admit that I’m enjoying catching up with friends from way back and also getting to know some of my blogging friends a little bit better. But I’m not sure that I really understand the Facebook phenomenon.

Can I be your friend? Sure. If you don’t know my real name, please send me an email at OurShiputzim at gmail dot com.

Do your kids now think that you’re really cool? No, that would be too much to ask. But at least they don’t think that having parents on Facebook is a total fadichah either…

הקב”ה ישמור ויציל את חיילנו מכל צרה וצוקה ומכל נגע ומחלה וישלח ברכה והצלחה בכל מעשה ידיהם


  1. 2006. It should be welcome to '06. ;)

  2. See, that just goes to show how completely out of it we are...

    BTW, AR is IY"H coming to us for Shabbat lunch. Any messages for him?

  3. I didn't join until last month.

    And regarding kids, my son actually friended me. I wouldn't have snooped. Now I've got three nieces and one nephew as friends, too... I'm by far the oldest member of family on Facebook, with the exception of my brother-in-law's mother. Given that she's in her seventies, that must make her really cool!

  4. Thanks for reminding me to call him before Shabbos to say hello.

  5. I only really started using FB two weeks ago.

  6. Leora and Ilana-Davita - So, I guess we're not that far behind the times after all...

    Yaffa - Ah, yes! The telephone! I have heard tell that in ancient times people used to communicate without either Facebook or blogs. Strange, no?

    Shabbat Shalom to all.

  7. Welcome to facebook -- and shavua tov.

    Wishing all our IDF troops much success and safety.

  8. Jameel - אמן ובשורות טובות!

  9. I just joined pretty recently. It's no great shakes. I prefer email and blogging. If you find me, you can be my friend, but if I don't know who you are, just send me an email.

  10. Hi, Batya. I sent you a message.


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