Friday, March 27, 2009

Fatigued Friday

Last night, we changed the clocks here in Israel.

As a result, this morning, most of the Shiputzim family – and, I daresay, most of the country – stumbled out the door, bleary-eyed, mumbling incoherently, and way behind schedule.

The lone exception was a certain Shiputzim daughter who had her gan birthday party today. In fact, she was up and dressed way before anyone else’s alarm had even gone off!

Unfortunately, however, our shul’s “early Shabbat” minyan won’t be starting until next week IY”H.

And so, we’re taking bets: How many members of the Shiputzim family will have fallen asleep on the couch before Kiddush tonight?


!שבת שלום ומבורך


  1. I have been known to fall asleep before any other family members on Friday night, including before my six-year-old. Lately, Friday nights have been difficult for her.

  2. Leora - As it turned out, our youngest and I both fell asleep on the recliner about 15 minutes after I had lit the Shabbat candles. Meanwhile, I'm told that at least one Shiputzim family member fell asleep in shul during the Dvar Torah...

    I'm VERY glad that the "early Shabbat" minyan is starting this week I"YH!


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