Friday, April 3, 2009

In spring, a young man’s fancy turns to… potato kugel??

Yes, I’m still here, and no, I haven’t abandoned this blog.

It’s just that – as you can imagine – I’ve been somewhat preoccupied with Pesach preparations here in TRLEOOB*. But fortunately – due to the miracles of the early Shabbat minyan – I find that I have a few minutes to spare before I need to light candles and can thus briefly turn my attention back to the blog.

Specifically, I’ve noted that my potato kugel post has received a significant number of hits over the past few days. Pesach must really be on the way…

In any event, the Our Shiputzim editorial board has asked me to share some of the searches which led to that post. (My comments are in blue.)

  • pouring hot water on potato kugel reason (IMNSHO, there’s never a reason to do this – unless you like wet, soggy potato kugel…)
  • overnight kugel
  • secret to best potato kugel (Grate it by hand; use plenty of pepper; and bake in a hot oven…)
  • freezing potato kugel
  • recipe for potato kugel in crockpot
  • how much potato kugel for 50 people (Less than for 60 but more than for 40…)
  • how much kugel serves 50? (It depends if all 50 like kugel…)
  • potato kugel in slow cooker
  • crock pot potato kugel
  • potato kugel baked 24 hours
  • best way to freeze potato kugel
  • freeze potato kugel
  • how many potatoes per person for kugel (My answer would have to be: “the right amount”. Does this help you?)
  • crock pot potato kugel
  • preparing potato kugel from frozen mix (Please don’t! I beg you…)
  • what kind of potatoes do you use for potato kugel (Personally, I prefer the kind that grows in the ground. But that’s just me…)
  • potato kugel blog (An entire blog devoted exclusively to potato kugel? Cool.)
  • potato kugels
  • overnight kugel recipe

And there you have it: Searching for potato kugel in the J-Blogosphere.

Update: Check out the original potato kugel post for real answers to most of these questions.

!שבת שלום ומבורך


* TRLEOOB = the real life equivalent of our blog


  1. Lately folks searching for "dogwood" have been finding my blog.

    Last month it was "Purim"; I think I liked that one better.

    Take care, amid the crazy pre-Pesach madness.

  2. Leora - Thanks, and you too.


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