Monday, October 3, 2011

Our Shiputzim undergoes shiputzim

As you may have noticed (please feel free to head on over to the blog, if you’re reading this on the feed), Our Shiputzim is currently in the process of acquiring a new look.

Why now, you ask?

Well, you see, the one benefit of having a son with stitches (assuming, of course, that I do) and of having that son be this blog’s CTO (assuming, of course, that he is) is that he finally came home from yeshiva in order to have said stitches removed.

Which, naturally, meant that he had a little bit of time on his hands and was able to upgrade the blog.

So, what do you think?

It’s still very much a work in progress, and thus, your input would be very helpful and much appreciated.

Comments, suggestions, observations, recommendations, הארות with an aleph, and even הערות with an ayin are all welcome…



  1. I like the new look but then I will be partial since blue is my favorite color.

  2. Your son with stitches has a bright future ahead of him. I like it - it's clean and easy to read.

    I still have this memory of some of the old, original blogger blogs and how poor they were in terms of contrast and legibility. Progress!

  3. It's fun to play with the blog designs. I made some changes recently, though I doubt if they were noticeable.

  4. Thanks, Ilana-Davita, Leora, Batya, and Toby for your encouraging words! The CTO worked really hard to make the blog look new and different - without looking TOO new and different...

  5. I like it! Clean look, easier to navigate.

  6. Can someone once and for all explain to me exactly what is the difference between הארות and הערות?? I know one is insights and one is comments, but practically speaking, what is the difference?

  7. Laura - Thank you!

    Malke - I'm pretty sure that's why everyone always says, "הארות והערות" - because no one knows the difference between the two... :-)

  8. I like the look, your shiputz is a huge success!

  9. Miriyummy - Fortunately, *this* shiputz didn't involve a big hole in our roof... :-)

  10. Nice new look to your blog, Mrs. S. Kol ha-kavod to your stitchy son. And moadim le-simcha!

  11. Thank you, Miriam, and moadim l'simchah to you and your family too!


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