Monday, September 26, 2011

Kept in stitches

The following phone conversation may or may not have recently occurred in real life:

Mother: {calls her son, who’s away in yeshiva, after receiving no response to either of the two text messages she sent him}

Son: {rather groggily} Hi. I can’t talk. I’m getting stitches. I’ll call you back later.

Mother: ???!!!!!!!!!

Son: Whatever, it’s not a big deal. I fell and cut myself. It’s nothing. I’ll call you back. {hangs up}

Mother: ???!!!!!!!!!

On the off-chance that the above exchange actually took place, the mother-in-question thanks the son-in-question for graciously allowing it to be posted here on Our Shiputzim.

Furthermore, she continues to maintain that yes, it’s EXTREMELY blog-worthy…


Your thoughts?


P.S. The latest Kosher Cooking Carnival is available here. Special thanks to Cooking Outside the Box for including my mini black and white cookies.


  1. Of course it's blogworthy. How is he? Kids just don't understand that our job is to worry.

  2. Oh my God, I would have freaked out. My teenage nephew is like that- calm and "chill" no matter what the situation is. He once called his mom from school and asked her to pick him up because "I have a metal wire stuck in my eye. But it's no big deal, don't worry"

  3. Yikes!!
    And SuperRaizy: Super Yikes!!
    Wow - may we all have a peaceful, injury-free year to come...

  4. Batya - Thanks for asking. B"H, he seems to be okay, and hopefully, the stitches will be able to come out next week IY"H.

    SR - I would have freaked out.
    That's EXACTLY what I -- er, that is -- the mother in the story did... :-)

    Toby - Amen!

  5. Shana Tova! May your family be in the sort of stitches that implies laughter.

    I've never gotten a "don't worry" phone call - just calls requiring stitches (and once a possible concussion from a flung baseball bat).

    I can't imagine my eldest, who will be in yeshiva next year, needing stitches, but my middle one...

  6. Leora - Ironically, he tripped and fell on the stairs in the beit midrash!


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