Monday, October 17, 2011

The latest hiddur

Everyone has their own favorite method for ensuring that their arba minim last until the end of Succot. (What’s your preferred solution?)

For instance, YZG - who says that the key is to keep the hadassim and aravot dry – always removes them from the lulav after davening and places them in a tightly sealed bag (usually the bag from the hadassim) in the refrigerator.

This year, YZG integrated a new element into his traditional AMPS (=arba minim preservation system):IMG_5230 (2) IMG_5234 (2)As you can see, they’re simple plastic clips.

However, don’t you agree that if we thought up an original name – e.g. KosherKlips, SimplySuccot, GuardYourGreens, ArbaMinimMaintainers (please post your own ideas in the comment section) - added a catchy logo, and  got a couple of impressive-sounding hechsherim, we could easily market these clips?

We could even offer several models. The mehadrin edition would be available in white, and the mehadrin-min-hamehadrin edition would come in, well, black, of course. (Clearly, the pink version would have to go… :-))

These clips could be the greatest invention since eruv tavshilin kits


Your thoughts?


  1. Awesome idea! Congratulations on your upcoming wealth and fame!
    We usually do the opposite, though - we wrap the hadasim and aravot in a damp paper towel, and wrap that in aluminum foil. Wet or dry, though, your SukkotSeal clip is a definite advantage!

  2. My whole downstairs fridge is dedicated at present to the arba minim.

    As I child, I remember my father using the towel method that Toby mentioned.

    I like ArbaMinimMaintainers.

  3. Damp towel yes. But then put it into one of the perforated plastic vegetable bags. Only problem is to NOT mistake them for food and put them in your salad!!

  4. Toby - SukkotSeal
    Good name! And don't worry. We won't forget the little people... :-)

    Leora - It's interesting that most people seem to keep them damp, but YZG insists that they last longer (and don't develop black dots) if they're kept dry and in an airtight bag.

    Anonymous - Only problem is to NOT mistake them for food and put them in your salad!!
    I can see where that would be a problem... :-)

  5. My husband uses a wet towel method and frequently leaves them after the holiday to turn green. I wonder if that's intentional...

  6. Batya - I wonder if that's intentional...
    LOL! :-)

    Ilana-Davita - Yes!


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