Monday, January 9, 2012

Around the J-Blogosphere

Several items of note from around the J-Blogosphere:

1) Both Ruti and Treppenwitz have fair, balanced, and levelheaded takes on the issue of religious soldiers being forced to listen to women singing in the IDF.

2) Jameel shares a fascinating historical find. Scholars believe that once it’s authenticated, the find will likely rival the Cairo Geniza in terms of its significance.

3) The latest Haveil Havalim is available here. Special thanks to Batya for including my bar mitzvah menu post.

4) Leora reports that her town (or, rather, her borough) has a new mayor.

5) Mimi cooks up the perfect winter soup.

6) Laura presents three mouthwatering pastry dough recipes: one, two, and three.

And finally – achronah achronah chavivah:

7) Ilana-Davita lists a number of excellent tips for learning a new language.

In theory, these suggestions apply to any language. But, IMHO, there’s one exception, which is bad news for Anglos.

Because if you want to learn Heblish, you have only two options: Either consult your Israeli offspring or keep reading the Our Shiputzim blog…



  1. Thanks for the mention... and the compliment. :-)

  2. Hi, just to let you know that another quadruple batch of your chocolate swirl brownies have reached an airforce base in the South. The kids (sorry, soldiers) apparently lie in wait for the parcel to arrive, and then fall on it. My soldier has to ration them out, so that those who're not there, or on different duties, can have their share. Apparently, mothers around the country have received this recipe and have been told to prepare for Shabbat. Thanks and mazal tov on your simcha.

  3. And thanks for mentioning HH.

  4. Treppenwitz and Batya - My pleasure!

    Susan - That's amazing! I love the idea of mothers across the country all baking the same recipe for Shabbat for their children in the IDF! Mi k'amcha Yisrael!

  5. I also followed the links from Ilana Davita's post and was disappointed that Heblish was conspicuously absent from the language lists.

    Many years ago, I bought FrumSpeak, the First Dictionary of Yeshivish--I think a publisher is just waiting for your Heblish manuscript.

    And, thanks for the mention.

  6. Laura - Heblish was conspicuously absent from the language lists.
    LOL! It must have been an oversight... :-)

    Ruti Mizrachi - You're welcome!

  7. Wondering if there is a language called Ladinish (would that be Ladino and English or Ladino and Yiddish)?

    Thanks for the link to my mayoral post. An interesting era in HP politics has begun (to be continued).

  8. Leora - Ladinish (would that be Ladino and English or Ladino and Yiddish)?
    Or all three! :-) And if you add Hebrew, Aramaic, French, Russian, German, Arabic, and several others to the mix, you'll approach the language that Israelis speak every day... :-)

  9. Heblish question:

    Have you explored the infinitive replacing the interrogative should?

    I am constantly getting "to mix, to open, to stir" instead of "Should I [verb]" -- I assume Hebrew is to blame for this.

  10. OneTiredEma - Yup! That's classic Heblish! :-) Check out Heblish: Support Group Edition (aka Heblish XIII). Shavua tov!


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