Monday, January 2, 2012

Mazal tov: States edition

The entire editorial board and writing staff extend a very special mazal tov to our military advisor and wind turbine expert, Be All You Can Be, who recently visited his 47th US state and thus now holds the official Our Shiputzim record for Greatest Number of States Visited!

We also extend our deepest sympathies to ASCAR (=a so-called anonymous reader), whose longtime record of 46 states has just been ignobly shattered…

<brief explanation for the newer readers> The extended Shiputzim family is – to put it mildly – highly competitive. Other examples include how many Facebook friends we have; how many people we bump into ; and our out-of-town credentials</explanation>

In any event, I should note that sadly, here in TRLEOOB (=the real life equivalent of our blog), none of us are even in the running for the States Competition.

For instance, I have a mere 30 states under my belt. A score which is, at most, respectable.

However, the good news is that at least I’m way ahead of YZG, who clocks in at a measly 21…


How many US states have you visited?


  1. Thank you!

    This is indeed a great honor. Although, I fear it will be very short lived as ASCAR has already sent me his next travelling itinerary which will give him 49 states.

    Nu Nu.

    Of course first in a certain state is still first....

  2. I'm not in the running at all. I don't compete.

  3. Wow. I am impressed. I clock in at an almost embarrassing 14.

  4. Be All You Can Be - Enjoy the glory while it lasts... :-)

    Batya - My family used to go on cross-country road trips every summer, and that's how I accumulated all those states.

    Malke - You made YZG's day! He's glad to know that at least *somebody* has fewer states than he does... :-)

  5. Jewaicious - Thanks for visiting!

  6. Recently, I've been visiting the state of confusion. On some days, I like the state of being. Tomorrow I experience the state of fasting.

    I suppose fly over doesn't count? I've been to Canada many times - that's probably the provinces contest. I don't think I've ever been to the one in middle (Manitoba?). Have you done that one?

  7. Leora - LOL! I know those states well, especially the state of confusion! :-) And yes, flying over doesn't count. (As far as provinces go, I only have two to my name.)


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