Monday, January 16, 2012

Moshe: Take 2

Last year, in honor of Parshat Shmot, I posted Shimi Tavori’s classic songMoshe” - winner of the Mizrachi Song Festival and an old family favorite.

But apparently, since then, YouTube removed the song, and so by special request from TSG, here’s another version of the same song from the same song festival:

Although the picture is definitely grainier than last year’s version, the advantage of this one is that it has the Hebrew lyrics.

And I still stand by what I wrote last year:

“…[T]his video cracks me up.

“After all, the sight of girls shimmying [Ed. note: No pun intended… :-)] incongruously to a song about the Burning Bush, Matan Torah, and other highlights of Moshe Rabbeinus life is very, very funny…”


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