Saturday, December 6, 2008

They did the ooltra…

Shavua tov!

Yes, I’m still here. It’s just that the bar mitzvah is this coming Shabbat IY”H, and so things are understandably busy here in TRLEOOB.

And on a related note, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my real-life friend and commenter MB and her family for hosting us for the now-traditional Meal on the Shabbat Before the Simcha (or, in Our Shiputzim-speak, the MOTSBTS). May our families continue to share many, many future smachot!

As some of you know, the Shiputzim children are members of Ariel* – rather than Bnei Akiva. (Ariel uses the same names as Bnei Akiva does – hence, last week’s HaGevurah post.)

Anyway, this Shabbat was Shabbat Irgun for the girls. (This coming Shabbat – yes, the Shabbat of the bar mitzvah! – will IY”H be the boys’ Shabbat Irgun.)

The reason I mention this is to reassure our loyal readers that yes, there was an ooltra. And the truth is that – all kidding aside – the dances were, as always, quite beautiful.

In fact, the girls introduced a new twist to the ooltra dance. Usually, such a dance is done to fast, up-beat music. However, this time, they did something completely different.

This shevet’s (age group) theme was “Captives and MIAs”. After showing a short slide show about the Israeli MIAs, the girls did a slow ooltra to Boaz Sharabi’s haunting “K’she’tavo”, a song about Ron Arad. The entire audience agreed that dancing in the dark was a moving and fitting tribute to the MIAs.

And in conclusion, mazal tov to our resident HaGevurah member on the new name. (Admit it – the name is starting to grow on you, isn’t it? smile_regular)

* That is – some of the Shiputzim children are Ariel members. Others are adherents of what is euphemistically known as “Iyov” (aleph,yud,vav,vet – an acronym for אשרי יושבי ביתך – literally, “Praiseworthy are those who dwell in Your House”) – i.e. they prefer to stay home.


  1. It was our pleasure, as always, to host you for the MOTSBTB (hope I got that right). Good luck with last minute preparations and lots of mazal tov!!

  2. Malke -
    the MOTSBTB (hope I got that right)
    Although you're right that so far it's always been the MOTSBTB (i.e. the Shabbat before the bar/bat mitzvah), I took the liberty of unilaterally changing it to the MOTSBTS (i.e. the Shabbat before the simcha)... לרבות aufrufs, Shabbat Sheva Brachot, etc.

  3. OK, now I know why I visit your blog.

    I never knew it was called the "oooltra" (even though Ive seen tons of them)!

    However, on a personal note, I dislike "ooltra"s.

    Our local snif's shabbat irgoon had every single shevet do a play/dance/whatever -- if they were boys.

    Every single girls presentation was exclusively an ooltra.

    Our Bnei Akiva is so far-froompt, that girls can't even perform a skit, but they are relegated to being ooltra-looltras?!

    I for one, object.

    PS: Your post about "what age are you/what did you think of the new shevet name" has gone like wildfire -- everyone I show it to/tell it to, loves it :)

  4. Jameel - Thanks for your kind words.

    being ooltra-looltras...
    ...And so is coined a new expression. Don't forget, dear readers, you heard it here first!


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