Sunday, December 28, 2008

Zot Chanukah

In honor of Zot Chanukah, here are pictures of our chanukiyot from the sixth night – which we lit in Achziv on Erev Shabbat.

Some family members lit inside the shul:


And everyone else lit just outside the shul:


Here’s the inside of the shul:


(As you can guess from the size of the Aron Kodesh, there was only one Sefer Torah. But, BA”H, the CTO’s laining was excellent – as always – even though one Sefer Torah on Shabbat-Rosh Chodesh-Chanukah meant that there was a considerable amount of rolling involved…)

May we soon be privileged to once again enjoy Zot Chanukah’s original triumphs – both the military victory as well as the miracle in the Beit HaMikdash.


  1. there are no pictures of the corn beef.

    You have a shabbos lamp, you dont have a shabbos camera

  2. I guess we'll have to wait for next Chanukah to receive a Shabbos camera...


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