Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Top 10 Ways You Know It’s Lag BaOmer

10. The entire country reeks of smoke.

9. Music is blaring from every speaker in your house.

8. All of your windows are sealed shut…

7. …But when your kids finally stumble home, with their clothes smelling like a bonfire, you wonder why you bothered.

6. The males in your household are no longer scruffy or desperately in need of haircuts.

5. No matter how veteran an Israeli you are, you still can’t figure out what your kids are doing all night.

4. You and your neighbors have been laying odds as to whose child will win the exciting finals of every parent’s favorite game, Who Can Be the Kvetchiest?

3. You overhear someone asking, “It’s 2:00 AM. Do you know where your kids are?”

2. And the answer is, “Out somewhere in the dark, playing with fire…”

1. The latest Haveil Havalim is available here. (Special thanks to my friend Toby for including two of my posts: A Decision Has [Finally] Been Made and My Blog in a Nutshell.)

Happy Lag BaOmer!


  1. 8. All of your windows are sealed shut…

    The second we finished havdala I told my kids to shut ALL the windows.

    Don't forget to add: Inordinate number of kids stepping on nails.

    Treated one neighborhood kid for that tonight, only to come home and my teenager inform me that he did as well.


    MDA Note: stepping on a nail that goes through a sneaker is not to be treated lightly (its more than just a tetanus shot, since there are really bad bacteria living in sneakers...)

  2. Thanks for the link! And as usual, I second everything you've said here :)

    Lag Sameach!

  3. Did you get them all back (the kids) and in one piece?

  4. Jameel - Oy! I hope everyone's okay. Last night (read: very early this morning), I said to YZG, "Given a choice between Lag BaOmer and Chodesh Irgun, there's a very good chance that I'd pick the latter..."

    Toby - Happy Lag LA-Omer to you too! How are your kids coping with the effects of PBS (post-bonfire syndrome)?

    Ilana-Davita - The last one finally stumbled on in at 3:00 AM. Have I mentioned that I am decidedly NOT a fan of this holiday?

  5. Mine woke up about half an hour ago :)

  6. i don't now about one i couldn't figure out its lag baomer with that one!

  7. Toby - The real test was getting out on time this morning. Let's just say that the Shiputzim kids weren't the first ones to arrive at school... :-)

    YAT - What time did your medurah end?

  8. i got home at 6:30 (am)
    but i still just didn't get number 1!

  9. YAT - 6:30?! Did you get to sleep yesterday?
    I'll let MAG address the rest of your comment...

  10. then i slept till 1:30


  11. I am here, but what am I supposed to say? I was not first, either.

  12. mag - you were supose to explain how number one in the post shows that its lag baomer!

  13. LOVE this and *so* wish there was something (anything!) like it for my kids to experience! thanks for sharing and hope that everyone made it home, smoky and safe! :)

  14. Minnesota Mamaleh - I hope your kids are able to experience an authentic Israeli Lag BaOmer some day. I'm sure they'd love it!


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