Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blogging FAQ

Yesterday marked this blog’s two-year “blogiversary”, and in honor of this auspicious occasion, allow me to present:

The Top Ten Questions I’ve Been Asked About My Blog

(My responses are in purple.)

10. Why do you blog? (For the money, of course. In fact, I expect to be retiring on the proceeds any century now…)

9. If there’s no financial gain, why bother? (Hmm. I’m sure there’s a reason. I’ll have to get back to you on this one…)

8. You finished renovating your house a long time ago. When are you going to change your blog’s name? (Not in the foreseeable future, but if I ever do, I’ll be sure to use one of these naming ideas.)

7. Have you ever considered translating anything else – besides Mah Nishtanah - into Heblish? (Interesting idea. Any specific suggestions?)

6. Have you ever met any other bloggers in real life? (Yes. For instance, see here and here.)

5. How do you make time for blogging? (I’ve found that a solution of two parts Neglecting My Responsibilities to one part Ignoring My Family seems to do the trick nicely…)

4. Can I write a guest post? (Sure. Have your people contact my people at OurShiputzim at gmail dot com. Let’s do lunch and talk about it.)

3. Don’t you ever run out of topics to blog about? (Um, why do you think I’m writing this post?!)

2. Do people actually read your blog? (It’s been known to happen now and then…)

1. They do? Seriously? Why?!


What do people ask you about YOUR blog?


Happy Pesach Sheni to all!


  1. "Do people actually read your blog?" - of course we do!

    "Why?" - vy not?

  2. Happy anniversary. May your blog live to be 120.
    Another of your faithful readers.

  3. Happy anniversary, I enjoy reading your blog very much. You have to realize that to read and comment we also have to ignore our families and not do stuff we ought to be doing :-)

  4. Leora - Verrrry interrrresting kveshton...

    Ilana-Davita - Amen. :-)

    Keren - LOL! That's one of the best parts of blogging: it's a wonderful timewaster! :-)


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