Friday, May 21, 2010

Summer Plans 1.0

I’m thrilled to announce that the Our Shiputzim R&D Department -that world-renowned development team which brought you the critically-acclaimed Generation Gap 1.0 and Generation Gap 1.5 age-guessing algorithms - has recently released a new application, which can determine the user’s nationality:

Please select the reply which most closely resembles your response to the following question:

Are your kids’ summer plans all arranged?

[a] “Are you serious?! It’s almost the end of May! Of COURSE everything’s settled! In fact, we finalized our family’s summer plans back in January!”

[b] “Are you serious?! It’s not even the end of May! Of COURSE nothing’s settled. In fact, we don’t intend to start THINKING about the summer until the middle of June!”

If your response most closely resembles [a], you are an American*.

If your response most closely resembles [b], you are an Israeli*.



* If you live in a country other than Israel or the US, please wait for Summer Plans 2.0, which is set to include additional nationalities…. :-)


  1. Yea!! I always enjoy hearing that I'm Israeli :D

  2. When do we hear your results?

  3. Guess I must be Israeli, then!
    Shabbat Shalom from IComLeavWe (International Comment Leaving Week) #115. :-)

  4. Toby - The algorithm never lies... :-)

    SPYYMZ - Israeli. Definitely Israeli...

    Jennifer in MamaLand - LOL! :-)
    Shavua tov!

  5. Wait, summer is coming? That soon? Ummmmm..... doesn't the excuse that the iriya still hasn't even started to advertise what programs will be run out of the matnas count? Thats when I first remember i should make plans... and then am so late we get closed out of half the choices :)

    Ahhh, to know that my klita is complete in this area at least.


  6. I guessedr ight. I guess I am getting used to the Israeli mentality. :-)

  7. And If I am first to register once the kaytana plan is published....?

  8. Shoshana - I was shocked when - a few days BEFORE Shavuot! - we received a registration form for the kaytana at the kids' school. Usually, they don't even start looking for a camp director until well into June... :-)

    Ilana-Davita - ROTFL! :-) I guess your recent series of interviews has allowed you to become quite the expert on Israel... :-)

    Keren - Aaaaand the judges rule... Israeli. Because after all, even in the best case scenario, the kaytana plan isn't issued until mid-May, at the very earliest. And, as I noted above, usually it doesn't come out until June...

  9. Since your summer plans are not final, could they include a weekend in the North?

  10. haha very well done and oh-so-very true! thanks for the smile :)

  11. Miriam - Thanks for the invitation. I'll have my people contact your people... :-)

    Minnesota Mamaleh - I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  12. so true, so true... and for those of us in galut but Israeli at heart, summer is sort of half planned....

  13. Rachel Moore - LOL! Now that June has arrived, I guess it's time to start thinking a bit more about our summer plans... :-)


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