Monday, October 5, 2009

Succot in the J-Blogosphere

Succot is one of the best times to be in Israel. (Other incredible seasons in our beautiful country include Pesach, Chanukah, Purim, Shavuot, Rosh Hashanah, and, well, every other day of the year…)

And, as it turns out, it’s also a pretty exciting time in the J-Blogosphere. After all:

1) The latest Haveil Havalim is available here. Special thanks to Ben-Yehudah for including my Ir David post.

2) According to YCT (of the abandoned Ein Shem blog), nothing says “I’m a blogger” like going to blogging meetings.

Which means that I’m now officially a blogger.

Because this afternoon, YZG and I – together with some of the Shiputzim children – attended the First Annual J-Bloggers’ Picnic in Yerushalayim’s Gan Sacher.

B”H, we had a wonderful time.

The kids had fun flying their kite and playing goomi (literally “elastic” – refers to the Israeli version of Chinese jump rope) with some new friends; YZG caught up with an old friend; and I got to meet some very special bloggers. (There were other bloggers there as well. B”N, I’ll try and update this as their names come back to me.)

Special thanks to RivkA for arranging, initiating and organizing the lovely event.

And in conclusion, I’ll let MAG explain why he and some of his siblings opted out:

“Imma, don’t you always tell us not to talk to strangers? And besides, I didn’t need to go. I can just read about it afterwards on your blog…”


!מועדים לשמחה 


P.S. In case you missed these posts last year, check out our [stationary] succah and also our succah-on-wheels.


  1. Did you meet Klara? She emailed me that she went.

    Sometimes I feel like the bloggers in Israel are a soap opera that I love to follow, but I have met Klara and Mom in Israel in real life, so you can't completely be soap opera characters, can you?

  2. Leora - LOL! You figured out our secret! We really ARE soap opera characters. Which reminds me that I need to speak to Wardrobe. I absolutely MUST have some new outfits...

  3. I'm glad to have met you as middle one really enjoyed playing with your girls...even if when we left she had to tell me she didn't have a good time!

  4. Safra-knit - even if when we left she had to tell me she didn't have a good time!
    Why does this sound so familiar?

  5. The word goomi sounds German to my linguistic self. I guess it desribes what the elastic was originally made of.
    Thanks for sharing your J-Bloggers picnic with us.

  6. well if i have to comment so here:

    i think i agree with mag

    i hope that that is good unuf for you.

  7. even if when we left she had to tell me she didn't have a good time!

    What? Did they all read from the same script???

    Sometimes kids can be so annoying!!

    Well, I had a good time -- thanks for coming!!

  8. We also had a great time meeting all of you, even though we're kind of shy :)

  9. Ilana-Davita - That isn't too surprising. Many modern Hebrew words come from Yiddish.

    YAT - You commented just in time. Now I won't be able to ask you why you haven't commented when I see you tomorrow I"YH...

    RivkA - Thanks again for a wonderful afternoon. I can't wait for the next picnic!

    Toby - I suspect that many bloggers are actually relatively shy in real life. Just because one enjoys writing doesn't mean that one is comfortable talking to strangers...

  10. You hit it on the head - yes I did feel shy, but DESPITE that I so enjoyed being part of it. And sorry, but guess will still be going slow about blogging - now to see if I can sign out right

    nope, keeps saying wrong password - now how can I blog if google doesn't like my signing in


  11. Klara - Welcome to the blog. It was very nice to meet you!

  12. Sorry for the late response! It was truly fun to meet everyone, thanks again and again and again to RivkA and to everyone that came!

    I guess I should be grateful that my whole crew came with us. :)


  13. Devra - It was nice to meet you too!
    So, what was your secret? Bribery? :-)


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