Thursday, July 16, 2009

A hard day [camp] night

A look at some of the events of the past few days here in TRLEOOB*:

Tue. 11:00 PM

A certain Shiputzim child (ACSC) finally comes home from his youth group’s mangal (barbecue).

Wed. 8:00 AM

ACSC decides to stay home from day camp. (According to the schedule, this morning’s activities are to include snappling, a “swing”, and wall climbing. ACSC feels that he’s too tired for any of that.)

Wed. 8:00 PM

Nevertheless, sleeping bag in tow, he heads back to camp this evening for an overnight.

Thu. 12:05 PM

Extraordinarily grubby, bleary-eyed, and barely coherent, ACSC stumbles into the house. He responds to my greeting with what can best be described as a grunt and mumbles something about going to put his stuff away. I get back to work while I wait for him to reappear.

Thu. 12:08 PM

I realize that it has been a few minutes since he headed off to his room and send out a search party to find him. He’s soon located – sprawled out on the living room recliner, fast asleep….

Lesson learned: Summer vacation is to getting enough rest as oil is to water. In other words, they don’t mix…



* TRLEOOB = the real life equivalent of our blog


  1. As far as I can tell, "snappling" is a Heblish word. In American English, you would say rappelling.

  2. Michael Kopinsky - LOL! :-)
    I see that I'm losing my English faster than I thought! In fact, I probably should include this in my next Heblish post...

    Thanks for the heads-up, and Shabbat Shalom!

  3. Can they just go in and out of camp as they wish? Seems weird to me. How are parents supposed to keep track of where their kids are?

  4. Ilana-Davita - No, the kids can't just walk out of camp. They finished early on Thursday, because they had that overnight on Wednesday night.


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