Friday, July 24, 2009

Freshly Baked Goods Friday: Day camp challah edition

Apparently, two Fridays ago was “National Make Challah in Day Camp Day”, because each member of the Shiputzim family’s keitanah (day camp) contingent did just that.

Unfortunately, by the time they got home, their challahs were stuck to the plastic plates, and the tops had partially baked in the heat.

Nevertheless, the Resident Ulpanistit – aka our Baker-in-Chief – skillfully salvaged most of the dough, which the young bakers reassembled into four loaves of varying sizes and textures:


Here they are after they were baked:   IMG_5882 

The young bakers proudly and generously shared their culinary masterpieces with the rest of the family and with our Shabbat guests.

Well done, young bakers!

And in related news, today officially marks the last day of keitanah. In other words, the kids are now looking at more than a month of unstructured boredom. (Fun, fun, fun…)

Hopefully, we’ll IY”H do some family activities after Tisha B’Av. Watch this space for details. And in the meantime…

!שבת שלום ומבורך


  1. My challot sometimes look that way. As long as they taste good...

    Shabbat Shalom (or Shavua tov, by the time you read this).

  2. Leora - Shavua tov to you too!

  3. What fun. I used to bake with the kids when they were very little. I'm sure the challot were great.
    Of course send the story to KCC.

  4. Batya - I agree; baking with the kids is a great activity. I suspect we'll be doing a bunch over the next few weeks IY"H...

  5. As the "Shabbat guests", I can state that the challahs were very good. We enjoyed them. Thank you to the bakers.

  6. Imma - I'll forward your compliments to the chefs.

  7. כל הכבוד, צעיר bakers!

  8. MAG - Great comment! I really have to blog about that one day...


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