Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Top ten ways you know that summer vacation has arrived

(10) Your family’s food consumption has increased dramatically.

(9) At any given time of day, the area around your children’s computer is knee-deep in kids. Some of them even belong to you…

(8) Apparently, every single 10-14 year old girl in your neighborhood is making a backyard camp for first to third grade girls. According to your calculations, that means FIVE camps for every potential camper…

(7) You suggest that your son and his friends make a similar camp for first to third grade BOYS. Needless to say, your suggestion is rejected out of hand…

(6) You find that you’re accomplishing less and less work-wise.

(5) You’re thrilled to have a respite from fights about doing homework. But then you realize that you have to contend with something even worse: vacation assignments…

(4) Your A/C basically runs 24/7.

(3) Bathing suits, bathing caps, and wet towels feature prominently in your daily laundry haul.

(2) Your kids spend their days complaining that they’re bored and have nothing to do. But as soon as you need them to babysit, they suddenly discover that they have plans…

(1) You’re eagerly counting the days until September 1st...



  1. you start asking yourself "why oh why are there two whole months of vacation....."


  2. "you have to contend with something even worse: vacation assignments…"
    Are they compulsory in Israel? They used to be in France for weaker kids but they disappeared 15 or 20 years ago. Now parents buy little books for their children but it not manadatory just a parental choice.

  3. Yes, yes, to the bathing suits and towels. And I only have one who has swimming at camp.

    My boys used to skip summer assignments. But for my daughter, my husband has been good so far about doing a little with her. She could really use it.

  4. SPYYMZ - Two months really is way too long.

    Ilana-Davita - No, they're usually not compulsory here either, but some of the teachers strongly recommend that the kids work on certain things over the summer.

    Leora - Our son's class is part of a pilot program where the teacher posts assignments on a special password-protected website. It remains to be seen how much of the work our son will actually do...


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